Love Life (Semi- Rant)

My love life is pretty much non existent.  I shouldn’t complain due to the fact that my availability is next to none.  However, I just attended a wedding…in fact, I’ve been attending weddings for three weekends in a row- and it almost starts getting to you.  I am finding myself missing  that “special” someone- which is odd because I don’t even have anyone that I remotely like.  

There was this one guy (who shall remain unanimous) that I was really into.  He knew of my existence and that was pretty much it (we talked a FEW times).  I always fall for the guys that end up leaving to another state =( – and that is not even the worst part…I start to imagine what could have been or how it could be if X ever came back.  Anyway, I fall in love all by myself (loser status) because I meet someone and then I based our “future” love on those few encounters.  I guess I am a hopeless romantic….gross- just a weirdo…yea, that fits me way better.  

Can I just clarify that I am pretty normal…?

 That guy actually got married not too long ago, and surprisingly I was pretty bummed about it (that sadness lasted about as long as a Lana Del Rey song)


Anyhow, back to my love fest.  I am currently under the impression that I will remain single forever-and when I think about it… I don’t really mind (MOST of my best friends are single too)  I guess its just all of those weddings with the “gaga eyes, dazzling smiles, that hopeless romantic kind of gross look people have when they are in love” that are tugging at my heart…do I really want to be single forever? 

Probably not.