The way I see it

A Pretty Little Liar

And I quote

“Yep.I lied.Because I KNEW you were going to get like this. You just keep on giving me more motive to NOT be honest with you”

is that the stupidest thing you have ever heard or what?

It all started over a stupid little thing… and I mean stupid.

I had been casually looking for my earphones for a while, and I never really took the time to seriously eyeball every corner of my room until recently.  I knew one of my sisters (one in particular) had my earphones because in the past I’ve seen her with them and I always take them away.  Anyhow,  she gets home and I ask her about them.  She says that she saw them this morning “on the floor.” I didn’t bother looking because I had previously done a thorough search and found nothing, so I tell her that I still cant find them.  She comes herself and “looks” for my earphones.

While she was doing that all I was thinking was “man, shes seriously trying to convince me that she doesn’t have them.” I was not buying the whole act.  She would never get on the floor to look for something that is mine unless she had something to do with it and genuinely felt bad about loosing my earphones or she took them and was trying to appease to my lovely face.
Its sort of like when she brings friends over,  shes super nice and I’m just my regular self (actually, I’m extra mean to see how she reacts in front of her friends).  Shes trying to convince her friends that shes this loving creature (not trying, successfully accomplishing), and I’m just annoyed by it all.  Anyhow, in this case (while shes looking for my earphones) shes trying to sucker me into her act.  Keep in mind that I’ve known her all of her life and  I pretty much know when she is lying and I almost never let her become aware that I know.  I like getting her in the act (makes me sound evil, but that’s quite debatable).

Anyway, back to the stupid earphone story.

I asked her again if she has them and she says no, and even says that she mixed up a cable on the floor with my earphones (yaaaa right).

I know she doesn’t want to tell me the truth, but I seriously was not going to get that upset if she just gave them to me, because I expected her to have them…makes sense?

Well, I decide to leave it at that (not really…remember I like getting people in the act?).  I decide to wait a couple of hours and I sneak up on her and ask her while shes wearing earphones (which cant be seen clearly due to hair covering her ears…..) if those are mine, to which she replies very casually “no”.  I ask to see them and she bursts out laughing.

Laughing…the nerve that girl has!

Even though I saw this coming (not so much the laughter) I am furious.  I gave her 3 opportunities to tell me the truth and to simply give me the earphones.  Yet she lied to my face and I pretended to believe her to see if she would keep on lying, to which she did.  Clearly she does not care about the fact that I needed them to study (and I told her that too), and for me its not so much about the earphones, its more about her lack of maturity in the matter.  She lied about something so small because she was “afraid” of how I would react….?

Common, its not like shes 12, that’s an answer only a preteen can get away with.

To makes things clear:

Do I like sharing?

No, I absolutely hate it.

Will I do it?

Sure, if I am asked, but even so I don’t highly enjoy it.  I come from a rather large family (which is apparently odd that I don’t like sharing, but again, that is debatable) and my things are always getting lost.  Maybe if my things did not get lost, ruined, broken, tarnished or claimed by another new owner (a younger sibling usually says that its hers, when I really only let her borrowed it for a day)….etc, I would be less reluctant to share.  However, I do hate it when my things are taken because most of the time people do not ask for permission.  I just want to be respected, is that too much to ask?

I do sort of understand this fear my younger siblings have of me, but its not like I go completely psycho (although I am scary).  I will say this again, I like being asked, because it shows respect, and I don’t like getting lied to in my face.  What if I would have believed her? had I not known her any better I would be earphone-less now.

I hope this post (rant) does not make me sound like an evil, egocentric, manipulative,psycho older sister that doesn’t share, because I am an  evil, egocentric, manipulative,psycho older sister that will occasionally share when asked nicely =)

Oh and to makes things clear.  I do love my sisters, even if you cant feel the love through cyber space.