The way I see it

I’m Half Way There ( I Can Almost Smell Winter Break)

I can’t even begin to express the relief I felt when I got the grade I did for my second pharmacology exam.  I literally jumped out of my seat and announced it to my family (they totally share my joy).  I didn’t even get an A but whatever, I passed! WOOOOOOOOOOO, I feel like I am on the verge of passing, but I am nevertheless passing.  I make it sound like I am barely getting by and I am…at least with Pharmacology.  I am on a 78% right now,  I need to step up my game for the upcoming two exams.

I can barely keep up with this blog anymore.  My life revolves around school and work (mostly school because I forget to turn in my time sheets, therefore, I haven’t been getting paid for nearly two months).  I am constantly studying or doing modules (no points are given for those) to prepare for labs.  I just want to study, but when I go out and I’m doing something “fun” and I sometimes stop and think “man, I could be studying right now, but no…here I am watching Gravity.”

On a side note I totally recommend watching that movie on IMAX.  It’s freakishly awesome.  

By the way, I am totally loving Nursing school.  If you love it- all the hard work is totally worth it.