The way I see it

Goals for the Semester

Winter break is officially over.  School will start again tomorrow…

Believe it or not I’m actually excited. Remember my awesome classmates, yea I missed them! We will be getting three new people in our VA cohort.  David we all know him because he took NUR 310 with us (he failed it, and he was taking again with us…also he gave us great tips to pass).  The other two are unknown, I just hope they fit in well with us, because we all get along so well its amazing.  I love them.

Besides being excited to see my friends, I will be one semester closer towards graduation; therefore, one semester closer towards my dreams of traveling all over the world.  I heard this semester is the hardest yet.  I cannot wait to pass and get my 3 months off!  I learned from my past mistakes and I will improved and be possibly the best student.

Yea! I’m excited, this semester is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!