The way I see it

Class of 2013

In exactly 10 days(Not counting finals week) my four year journey will be over.  I will be graduating from Arizona State and stepping into the “real world.”

Everyone congratulates me when they hear I will be done this year, and they are just so exited…in fact, everyone is- Except me…well no, I am exited-but not really….Only those graduating with me understand this complicated thought in my head.

Truth is I am terrified.  I am scared because for as long as I can remember I always knew what I would be doing through out the year- School & Work.  As I approach this future everyone keeps mentioning (& I realize ) that I have to go out and find a real job.  I refuse to work at Coldstone, Burger King, cashier at Walmart or any other fast food restaurant with a Bachelors degree.  I want something relevant to my field.  Many people tell me that they got a degree in lets say Nutrition, and now they are out there selling houses (terrible example, but it is the best I can come up with).

I am afraid of never living up to my dreams- Even my subconscious is freaked out.   I was sleeping the other night and I woke up, looked up see my grandma staring back at me. I wasn’t scared or anything…. until I found out that my grandma was my reflection.  I don’t want to grow old in my parents house….that means that I never moved out.