The way I see it

Blabber of the Day

Hello you all,

In a previous post I talked about how Adult Health will NOT be the end of me and I stand by that.  Yes, I am extremely disappointed in myself, yes I am consistently reminded that I failed at something twice, yes I want to die- Just kidding, I do not want to die.  Although, to be honest I was so sad that I thought I would die- I’m secretly dramatic.

Anyhow,  the job hunt is on.  I am also looking to get my CNA license next week so I have that to look forward to.

On a side note- when life comes and hands you your butt in a silver platter sometimes you just need to go out into the wilderness, so that’s what I am going to do.

I wasn’t so excited about this trip in the past mainly because it was church related (dont get me wrong, I love my church- I’m just not a big fan of activities) but now I am happy to go (nature is awesome!).  Last Sunday a girl from church said the following quote

0c1505f1dbc57cd658c671beacd365f3I like this quote- it brought peace and gave me something to think about.  I may not have succeeded but that’s okay, because I know that I eventually will =)