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Their Story: Escaper & Suicider

In the sixth grade (possibly the 7th-I’d have to back to my diary to make sure) my best friend Laura gave me two turtles….to be honest she sold them to me- ten bucks a turtle.  Anyhow, I convinced my parents to give me twenty dollars and I consequently acquired two turtles.  I was very happy, the turtles were approximately two times larger than a quarter.

Warning:  I am a tree lover, animal hugger, sea world show hater and awesome

* Hence this Story*

Before I go on with this story let me begin to inform you all that I got a brand new turtle *Saw* (he/she looks about 2-3 years old, but I’m no expert).  I put this baby turtle with my other turtles (Escaper and Suicider)…my mistake.  

Anyhow, about a week before this past Christmas I noticed Suicider was motionless in a corner and for a fraction of a second my heart stopped.  I feared the worst so I quickly tapped on the tank and sighed in relief when he moved.  I picked him up because unlike his other companions he was not happy to see me.  When I saw his little face I’m not going to lie…I broke out crying.

His eye lids were swollen and the left eye had some little sore on the side.  I thought he was going to die, and I picked up my other turtle and I noticed his eyelids were a bit swollen as well.  Anyhow, I woke up everyone in my house and next thing I know my sister is communicating me with an animal hospital from Glendale (Palm Glen Animal Hospital) and I got an appointment that same day.

The Doctor that looked at my turtles was really nice.  He said that he was 90% sure that my turtles had a skin condition.  I hadn’t noticed, but both of my turtles were a bit red.  He asked if I had put something in the tank with them recently, and sure enough I told him about Saw.  Anyhow,  we’re both sure that Saw got Escaper and Suicider sick.

He prescribed my turtles Baytril injectable 2.27% (every 48 hrs), and some eye drops- He showed me were I should inject my turtles, said something else and he left.

Now, even though I am a nursing student I was a bit freaked out about the idea of injecting my turtles.  They can’t speak, and I am not familiar with their anatomy…I don’t want to hurt them!!!

So when the animal nurse came I told her she should do the first one so I could watch (to which she smiled and said that I had to do it at home -_-).  That is the only thing I did not like about the hospital staff, they only showed me the locations of where I should inject my turtles, but I wasn’t told if I should clean the site with alcohol (like with humans) or aspirate to make sure I didn’t hit a vessel.

I did inject my turtles, and to be honest I am not sure I did it 100% correct, but they are physically fine (although still red-ish), the eyelids are less swollen.  I also got a new tank for them and I separated my little one from the sick ones.

I am thinking about getting rid of it, but I am still waiting to see what happens.

The doctor said I should see a difference in five days, and I believe I have, but I can’t really be sure.  I’m going to start taking pictures to see the progress.

I just really hope my turtles turn out okay because I love them and if they do not I will have to take them back and get some blood work doneMy Babies

Call me corny but it’s the truth.