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I’m Half Way There ( I Can Almost Smell Winter Break)

I can’t even begin to express the relief I felt when I got the grade I did for my second pharmacology exam.  I literally jumped out of my seat and announced it to my family (they totally share my joy).  I didn’t even get an A but whatever, I passed! WOOOOOOOOOOO, I feel like I am on the verge of passing, but I am nevertheless passing.  I make it sound like I am barely getting by and I am…at least with Pharmacology.  I am on a 78% right now,  I need to step up my game for the upcoming two exams.

I can barely keep up with this blog anymore.  My life revolves around school and work (mostly school because I forget to turn in my time sheets, therefore, I haven’t been getting paid for nearly two months).  I am constantly studying or doing modules (no points are given for those) to prepare for labs.  I just want to study, but when I go out and I’m doing something “fun” and I sometimes stop and think “man, I could be studying right now, but no…here I am watching Gravity.”

On a side note I totally recommend watching that movie on IMAX.  It’s freakishly awesome.  

By the way, I am totally loving Nursing school.  If you love it- all the hard work is totally worth it.


Finally Readmitted

I have been waiting for over a month, and I finally got in. Now I can apply for loans and register for classes.

The way I see it

Finally Readmitted

The way I see it

Waiting, it Can’t Wait

I’m not trying to boast, but I am a calmed individual.  Therefore, you can conclude that it takes an extreme situation for me to loose control.  

It was a Friday night on the year 2006.  I was in marching band and we had just finished our show (which was presented during half time during football events).  We were all doing our routine huddle, when all of the sudden a girl collapses and starts having some sort of seizure.  Everyone in the band froze…literally.  We were no help at all.  This poor girl was just gasping and shaking…it was a frightful scene.  This “freeze” episode lasted about 3 seconds, then all hell broke loose.  People started screaming, running in circles, my band director ran to get help.  

I stood in front of her and I stared at her (I know what you’re thinking…”and you want to be a nurse?”)  I was pretty calmed, I wanted to put a spoon in her mouth so she wouldn’t bite her tongue off  (I saw it in a movie).

I remember this in slow motion, people were crying around me and there I was living everything in slow motion.  

I told you this story just to demonstrate that I do not loose control.  

If you read my past post, I am experiencing difficulties getting readmitted into ASU even though I have been accepted into their nursing program (which is highly competitive).  This whole experience has gotten me feeling out of control.  Ill be driving in my car and I will suddenly feel very stressed out and burst into tears.  I will be happy staring at the sky, then I think of its beauty and I get a little sad and I remember my dilemma and I get all emotional.  



(This guy in the picture is waiting for the world to turn, all he can to do is wait and hope that his star appears- if he misses it, theres always the next day)


I hate not being in control of my emotions, I hate crying even if I am by myself and I hate loosing my cool.  

I got to say that I do not think I can wait any longer without completely loosing it in front of people.   

I just hope I get the answer I want by the end of this week…


Sorry, just had to vent. 
Thanks for reading 🙂

The way I see it

Nursing School Dilemma

Rejection doesn’t hit me hard when I expect it. I’m sure many of you can relate.

March 2013, I applied to Nursing school

Mid May 2013, I was flat out rejected- but I expected it because my TEAS score was below expected average.  I was a little sad, but I got over it rather quickly.

June 6, 2013- and opportunity arose due to my school being elected to implement a special partnership program with the Veterans Administration Health Care System that would allow them to increase enrollment by 20 students in the Traditional Prelicensure BSN program for fall 2013.

I was asked if I wanted to be considered for this opportunity.  Naturally, I said yes and I applied.  However, I did not believe I would get in- I simply applied “just cuz.”

Consequently I was very surprised to read my acceptance letter on July 1.
Yes, I was very very happy- In fact I was so happy that I could not believe it.  I just kept thinking it was too good to be true and I would receive an email saying “Oh sorry, that wasn’t meant for you.” I made my sister read it just to make sure I was not mistaken.  I screamed, I almost cried and I smiled for days.

A previous post spoke about graduation & so I had to apply for readmission.  I completed everything that needed to be done in order to secure a spot for the Nursing program.

Yesterday to my grand surprise I found that my application was processed as Fall 2014, and not 2013.  I called the admissions office and they said that I could only email and wait for a response.

I sent out an email yesterday at 4:30 pm that asked to decline my application for fall 2014 so that I may reapply for fall 2013.   I have waited exactly 12 hours already and I am wearing thin to the core.

Note: (I will be calling them shortly after I finish this post).

The reason I have no patience is because the lady in the phone told me my chances of being “readmitted” would be slim…which is ridiculous since I have been accepted into their nursing program right?! Anyhow,  I freaked out of course almost down to tears.

Now, after 3 movies, I am feeling much better.  I am still a little upset with my mix up but I have decided to not super stress about it because whats going to happen will happen.

If my university ( which I love) refuses to readmit me, yes- I will cry, but like one of my best friends told me…I’m going to be a Nurse one way or another.”

I am mostly angry with myself because I thought this last minute VA thing was sort of like a miracle because I was able to get a spot, and now I possibly ruined this chance by being careless.

Anyhow, I still think I have a shot of getting in…even if the chances of being readmitted this late in the year are slim.

Wish me luck guys =)