The way I see it

Nursing School Update

I should be studying right now.

That’s the thought that comes to mind, every time I’m not.

So far I’m doing OK.

Not getting the A’s I thought I would be getting but its ok.

I have to say, going from a BSN to a ASN is INSANELY hard.

Compared to the University nursing program, the Community college program is twice as hard.
I can’t say why exactly…it might be a combination of being away from that “student” life for over 3 years now or the fact that my instructor is demanding as hell/intimidating, but has the nicest voice.

She says things like “If you don’t cite correctly, you will be taken out of the nursing program, no exceptions…we don’t try and find out what happened, you’re just out” and she adds almost like an eye-roll, but its more of her eyes going back and her closing her eyes.
I haven’t decided if its subconsciously done….

and believe me, I credit my sources, but when one mistake can cause me my future- yes, I panic and go over everything at least 10 times.

Anyway, I do really like my instructors and my classmates.

I may or may not have been doing a nursing blog on YouTube…. 😉
Stay awesome and keep sending me positive vibes :*