Test Day

I finished taking the exam.  This time I took it slowly.  I did not rush.  I double checked some answers and made sure my scan-tron had all the bubbles correctly filled in.  I studied for almost 2 weeks & when I turned in my exam I was not confident.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? I figured after 2 weeks I would have some sort of idea, but like I mentioned in the past.  I have no self confidence when it comes to grades… Not since I started Nursing school.

I haven’t cried; but I’ve freaked out about 20+ times thinking about it.  I am so just dissatisfied.  I am SO close…& the thought of failing is just seriously heartbreaking.  I’m afraid guys- I am very afraid.

Naturally, I had to come vent off in this blog.

Keep your fingers crossed for me…because I do not know if I got the 85% or if I completely failed it.  If I failed it I keep hoping the machine that grades our bubble sheet malfunctions on mine and gives me a grade of 100%.

Yeah, I’m asking for too much, but then again, I could have gotten an 85% or more & I’m freaking out over nothing…..*insert laughter here*

Wouldn’t that be great??

Future, please just let me pass.  I’m begging you!

Until the next post =)


Adult Health You Will NOT be the End of ME

Quick Update:

I thought stress made me fat, but it isn’t- In fact I’m loosing weight and feeling sick daily.

Now, regarding my Adult Health class I am not doing so well.  Last semester I started great and I was left hanging from a cliff.  Now, I’m hanging by a cliff and I have to get myself up.  I have been studying for 2 weeks now.  I ABSOLUTELY cannot fail. I just can’t.  Do you see where my stress is coming from?

Wish me luck guys and cross your fingers for me.