The way I see it

Clinical Day

Today was my second day at the hospital and it has already been a quite a trip =) We are working with Long Term Care patients (LTC).  These patients are either passing by and could be staying at the hospital for a couple years, months, weeks possibly days or they are permanent residents.

Each student gets assigned a patient and then the student (me) is suppose to assess them and create a care plan. Personally for me it has been hard talking to my patient due to his pain and his schedule.  However, I truly have enjoyed my experience at the hospital.  Ive seen many things that I never even imagined.  I was surprised to see patient that were 100% reliant on nurses.  I truly find joy when I am helping these residents with their needs.  I have done medications (with an RN & instructor at site),  wound dressings, showers, baths, brushing teeth, shaving and probably more but I cant think of any  more at the moment.

My first day on the floor I felt like I was being thrown into a den of lions.  I had no idea where to begin.  Its funny because you spent all this time practicing with your partner pretending to be the patient and when you’re down with the “nitty gritty” you freeze and freak out internally.  That freaking out phase happened for about 3 minutes and it was only on my first day.

Today I still felt a bit lost but not completely out of the loop.

I can only imagine it gets better