The way I see it


Guess what?

I turned in my nursing application this past Monday ( June 19th). I waited so long to jump back in that I’ll have to redo some classes but I am overall OK with it. Its not ideal but I can’t complain.

I was told that I start in 2- 3 semesters.

Now, its yet again another waiting game. This time I will win.

Life is funny –

My mother was admitted to the hospital on the 16th of June (shes out now).  She has been having this intense pain on her abdomen (RUQ).  I wont  go into much detail because this blog is more Nursing related (Plus writing about it makes me very sensitive)
but this Blog post has been left unfinished for a while and the situation can be related to Nursing.

Today is 07/10/2017- and to simplify things, on July 3rd- my mother was told that she had about 3-6 months to live.

This situation has gotten me thinking about lots of things;  one of those things is Nursing School.  I am now, more than anything motivated to finish.

I’m worried about our financial situation, about my younger siblings, my dad….my mother.

Things have gotten incredibly hard-

I am a living emotional roller-coaster.

I don’t want to loose my mom-

I wish things were different but if life has taught me anything- it’s that we cant live in the past…because thinking of the “Could haves” doesn’t changed the “now”.

I’m going to work extra hard now.

I want her to see me getting back into nursing school, I want her to see me graduate.

Pray for us

Send us positive vibes-

Love those around you-


The way I see it


I have to admit that last year was NOT what I expected or had planned out. That’s life though and I am much better at going with the flow. I believe in my last post I said something about not posting until I have news with Nursing school. Well the news is that there is NO news.

Does this mean I have given up? No, it just means I didn’t sort out my priorities.  I have this full time job and I let it consume me. I was so caught up with just working and doing the adult thing that I nearly forgot about my dreams. Keyword: NEARLY.

I went back to Gateway and will be applying for all of the nursing programs. I’m going to retake the HESI to get a more competitive score.

This year i will stay focused. If I’ve learned from my mistakes then this year will be good 🙂

Nursing school…my never ending story.

The way I see it

Goodbye 2014

Its December 25, 2014 approximately 8:00pm. It’s technically Christmas. Although if you are Latin American Christmas begins yesterday.
Our normal celebration includes a dinner, dancing, singing, conversing/laughing till midnight. We then hide the kids that believe in Santa in a room and all the adults race to get their kids presents under the tree.
An uncle will say “HO HO HO” and all the kids will run from the room with smiles that transmit to everyone in the room. That moment there is priceless.

However, this Christmas was very different. In a previous post I mentioned that 2014 has been the worst starting from March. I failed a course in Nursing school, I didn’t get the job I wanted, my uncle died, my dad went through a surgery that has left us in a financial strain and to top it all, last Wednesday my uncle was arrested and incarcerated.
As a family we were all devastated and the notion of Christmas was the last thing in our minds. My uncles daughter made a post about how we were not going to have Christmas due to the circumstances.

Yes, our situation was sad, yes it wasn’t going to be the same without him, and it was seriously the last blow we needed as a family to make this year undoubtedly the worst but Christmas goes beyond anything earthly. Yes its nice to get presents, its nice to have family around, but it should all be centered around Christ right. He gave us the first gift, which was his birth…whose life granted us an opportunity to go back to him.

Going back to my story, we all did the best we could to put the bail money together & with the help of a friend we were able to get my uncle back 2 days before Christmas.

I didn’t specify any of the details of how bad my year was but there’s really no need. This year was the worst I’ve even lived through but it taught me to love life even more and to appreciate the time I have with my family. This Christmas we all got together at my house. We had a simple dinner & everyone cherished each other. We were all very thankful. Everyone left around 10:30pm (unusual) but it was nice. This was a lovely ending for 2014 & I hope nothing else happens.

p.s. The nursing committee accepted me back into the program. Now, I am waiting for the University to accept me as well.

Common 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The way I see it

The End of the Semester is Almost Here

This soon will be me (starting today actually)


At this point I am passing every class.  I should say…I am barely passing some classes (one in particular), but nevertheless, I am passing all of them.

Ill be studying my brains out from this day forward so I may pass my finals, so wish me luck!

1 semester almost done, 3 more to go!


The way I see it

You Know That Feeling?

Nursing school will be the end of me.

This week has been intense.  I’ve had  3 tests (one more tomorrow) and multiple assignments due.  They keep coming at me.  I’m done with a test, I sigh in relief then start my 6 page paper, finish, then I start studying for my labs…and the never ending cycle continues.  I don’t even know why I am writing this blog entry- I should be studying.

Although…let me tell ya, I feel like I am walking on air right now, it’s amazing.  I have days when I feel like I am dreaming and today is that day.  Everything is surreal.  Unfortunately these sweet unreal days usually come at terrible times.  I have this crazy test tomorrow and I’m not even stressing about it.  I feel at ease and I haven’t even begun studying.  I need to pass this test or Ill probably fail out of this class because I have been doing average, but here I am “Chillin like a villain.”  I am not worried at all.

Well you all have a lovely rest of your day,
Ill probably be crying my eyes out tomorrow when I fail- But do I care right now…I.DO.NOT.

The way I see it

Nursing School Dilemma

Rejection doesn’t hit me hard when I expect it. I’m sure many of you can relate.

March 2013, I applied to Nursing school

Mid May 2013, I was flat out rejected- but I expected it because my TEAS score was below expected average.  I was a little sad, but I got over it rather quickly.

June 6, 2013- and opportunity arose due to my school being elected to implement a special partnership program with the Veterans Administration Health Care System that would allow them to increase enrollment by 20 students in the Traditional Prelicensure BSN program for fall 2013.

I was asked if I wanted to be considered for this opportunity.  Naturally, I said yes and I applied.  However, I did not believe I would get in- I simply applied “just cuz.”

Consequently I was very surprised to read my acceptance letter on July 1.
Yes, I was very very happy- In fact I was so happy that I could not believe it.  I just kept thinking it was too good to be true and I would receive an email saying “Oh sorry, that wasn’t meant for you.” I made my sister read it just to make sure I was not mistaken.  I screamed, I almost cried and I smiled for days.

A previous post spoke about graduation & so I had to apply for readmission.  I completed everything that needed to be done in order to secure a spot for the Nursing program.

Yesterday to my grand surprise I found that my application was processed as Fall 2014, and not 2013.  I called the admissions office and they said that I could only email and wait for a response.

I sent out an email yesterday at 4:30 pm that asked to decline my application for fall 2014 so that I may reapply for fall 2013.   I have waited exactly 12 hours already and I am wearing thin to the core.

Note: (I will be calling them shortly after I finish this post).

The reason I have no patience is because the lady in the phone told me my chances of being “readmitted” would be slim…which is ridiculous since I have been accepted into their nursing program right?! Anyhow,  I freaked out of course almost down to tears.

Now, after 3 movies, I am feeling much better.  I am still a little upset with my mix up but I have decided to not super stress about it because whats going to happen will happen.

If my university ( which I love) refuses to readmit me, yes- I will cry, but like one of my best friends told me…I’m going to be a Nurse one way or another.”

I am mostly angry with myself because I thought this last minute VA thing was sort of like a miracle because I was able to get a spot, and now I possibly ruined this chance by being careless.

Anyhow, I still think I have a shot of getting in…even if the chances of being readmitted this late in the year are slim.

Wish me luck guys =)