The way I see it

You Know That Feeling?

Nursing school will be the end of me.

This week has been intense.  I’ve had  3 tests (one more tomorrow) and multiple assignments due.  They keep coming at me.  I’m done with a test, I sigh in relief then start my 6 page paper, finish, then I start studying for my labs…and the never ending cycle continues.  I don’t even know why I am writing this blog entry- I should be studying.

Although…let me tell ya, I feel like I am walking on air right now, it’s amazing.  I have days when I feel like I am dreaming and today is that day.  Everything is surreal.  Unfortunately these sweet unreal days usually come at terrible times.  I have this crazy test tomorrow and I’m not even stressing about it.  I feel at ease and I haven’t even begun studying.  I need to pass this test or Ill probably fail out of this class because I have been doing average, but here I am “Chillin like a villain.”  I am not worried at all.

Well you all have a lovely rest of your day,
Ill probably be crying my eyes out tomorrow when I fail- But do I care right now…I.DO.NOT.