The Sad Truth

I just came out of my final for Psych.  A little bit of background on that class.  I’ve been doing fairly well ( a lot better than Adult Health).  However, I still needed to pass this Final to pass the course.

In Nursing School you have to have a cumulative average of a 77% on all tests.  Therefore, If you get all As in your assignments but you do not meet that average of a 77% on the exams you will fail.  Anyhow,  I studied A LOT for it, and as I took the exam I was relieved when I knew most of the answers.  However,  as time passes, I am feeling that dreadful anxiety that doesn’t let me breathe properly.  I have a tight feeling in my chest and I feel sick to my stomach.

The last Final I took, I failed and look where that got me.  I do not know what I will do if I fail the final I just took.  I used to know when I failed or passed, and now I am an uncertain mess.

The sad truth is that I do not trust myself anymore.




As I write this I am sitting outside my home (locked out) and I am feeling a little better by just looking at the trees as they move through the wind, feeling the breeze as if it were caressing me and listening to a beautiful birds song.

I love nature…it soothes the soul, gives peace to the mind, and calms my overly fast beating heart.