The way I see it

The Moment of Truth

I don’t believe I have ever studied so much for a final exam.

Today I finished my Pharmacology class.  The test was 70 question, 70 points and I only needed to make at least 50 of those points to pass the class.  I am not going to lie, I’m feeling a little numb.  I took the exam did the best I could, and I am not sure if I passed with at least a 70% which is nerve racking.   I am deadly afraid to go look at my score (if its even posted).

I studied all weekend and I also skipped my sleep last night because I was not feeling prepared.  The lack of sleep is probably what made my mind fuzzy.  Not sleeping was a stupid move, I know- my body is just not what is used to be.  I used to be able to sleep 2 hours and feel amazing (not even kidding) as I woke up.

Oh well, I guess now all I can do is trust that I answered most of the questions right and study for my next final exam which is this coming Monday.