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Goodbye 2014

Its December 25, 2014 approximately 8:00pm. It’s technically Christmas. Although if you are Latin American Christmas begins yesterday.
Our normal celebration includes a dinner, dancing, singing, conversing/laughing till midnight. We then hide the kids that believe in Santa in a room and all the adults race to get their kids presents under the tree.
An uncle will say “HO HO HO” and all the kids will run from the room with smiles that transmit to everyone in the room. That moment there is priceless.

However, this Christmas was very different. In a previous post I mentioned that 2014 has been the worst starting from March. I failed a course in Nursing school, I didn’t get the job I wanted, my uncle died, my dad went through a surgery that has left us in a financial strain and to top it all, last Wednesday my uncle was arrested and incarcerated.
As a family we were all devastated and the notion of Christmas was the last thing in our minds. My uncles daughter made a post about how we were not going to have Christmas due to the circumstances.

Yes, our situation was sad, yes it wasn’t going to be the same without him, and it was seriously the last blow we needed as a family to make this year undoubtedly the worst but Christmas goes beyond anything earthly. Yes its nice to get presents, its nice to have family around, but it should all be centered around Christ right. He gave us the first gift, which was his birth…whose life granted us an opportunity to go back to him.

Going back to my story, we all did the best we could to put the bail money together & with the help of a friend we were able to get my uncle back 2 days before Christmas.

I didn’t specify any of the details of how bad my year was but there’s really no need. This year was the worst I’ve even lived through but it taught me to love life even more and to appreciate the time I have with my family. This Christmas we all got together at my house. We had a simple dinner & everyone cherished each other. We were all very thankful. Everyone left around 10:30pm (unusual) but it was nice. This was a lovely ending for 2014 & I hope nothing else happens.

p.s. The nursing committee accepted me back into the program. Now, I am waiting for the University to accept me as well.

Common 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The way I see it

2014, You Have Been The Worst!!!!!!!!!

2014 has definitely been one of the worst years of my life.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the class I’ve failed.  I studied so much & I should have passed- but I can’t really stay stuck in the past otherwise I’ll become crazy.

My first failure I blamed it on my job & I still hold on to that.  Some people can work and pass with flying colors, but I just cant.

This summer I worked my butt off to pay for school, I saved up a good amount of money.  I planned a trip to Cali and  I still had money left over for school.
However, life comes at you and unfortunately, we lost an uncle to a Heart attack and my dad had to go to Mexico.  Now, my family is not rich- we live comfortably  and we manage our spending to avoid falling behind in our bills.  I always have extra money because my parents are awesome and they don’t charge me to live with them (although I do always help with little bills).  Anyhow, I had to give a good amount of my savings to help out my family with this terrible loss (which I do not regret doing).

I ended up having less money for school, but I knew I would be okay.  To make things short, my dad has a chronic condition and besides that he got Shingles and soon after he was injured at his work and he was in a great amount of pain which consequently led to surgery.

I was worried of course, I love my dad & seeing him like this definitely got me stressed.  To make matters worse my mom started to feel ill. To be honest I was feeling overwhelmed.

I’m being very short and simple with what my family has gone through (and we are still going through it) but I believe that even though I was studying my brain off, that stress really got to me.  I don’t think I was 100%.  I just never have failed something twice & to me it’s unfathomable.

In fact after I failed, I went into this sort of weird phase where everything is surreal.  I couldn’t believe it was happening to me and I was extremely worried about my parents.  In the near future (as an NP) I want to have my own clinic and I will be taking care of my parents.  They are not the healthiest of people and I know that they will need me.  My failures/set backs cause me to worry myself up to the point where I just cant handle it.

I had my family issues which eventually led to other problems and then I failed and I was upset.

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I am doing much better.  I don’t randomly burst into tears and I’m just going to roll with it.

Wish me luck guys, I need to get my petition granted.

Adult Health will not be the end of me- I refuse to believe that.

The way I see it

My Cow Experience (1997)

As I looked out the window yesterday I was in awe at the beauty Utah held.  There was mountains that made the ones from Arizona look like hills and they ranged from red to green in color.  As I stared I couldn’t help but to notice cows living by the road- having the mountain as a backyard.  I was then taken back to 1997.

My mind is a bit fuzzy and I do not recall all the details, but I do remember somethings quite clearly.  We were all at a farm or something similar that had cows.  I mean this place was large, there as hundreds of cows and we were just roaming around watching cows moo their life away.

While I was walking, my curious eyes notice a particular cow that was larger than the rest.  I could tell that this cow was some sort of leader because she was mooing louder than the rest, and the surrounding cows were giving her space.  I decided that i wanted to out moo this cow, and so I began doing what cows do best.  I began mooing- just to let everyone know I moo pretty good (it almost sounds real).  Anyhow, as I did my cow impersonation I noticed that every cow that could hear me was staring at me- and none were mooing.

I stared back and I noticed the big leader cow was staring at me too.  I will admit that I was slightly scared but me being a child began mooing again.  In my little head I was thinking “wow, I am actually communicating with these animals.” My fear turned into amazement.  Just then my dad put both his hands on my little shoulders and shook me as he told me to be quiet.

He was convinced the cows were going to charge at us- and thus my cow experience ended.