The way I see it

The Bus Ride

You know, I’ve never actually started something that I didn’t finish, unless you count terrible books. I received an email today with the nursing committees  decision. My petition, it was denied. I will not be able to retake the community nursing class.  What a way to start  the year.  I am going to change half of my goals for the 2016.  I am pretty sad about it but I wasn’t completely destroyed. I knew what the outcomes could be and  I was somewhat prepared for the worst.   I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best.  The thing is, I wasn’t prepared for the extent of that worst.  I have dissapointed my family for sure and that is what really breaks my heart.  Things are definitely not working out how I wished for…and it’s really no one’s fault except my own.  All I can say right now is that I don’t know exactly what I am going to do.  My plan to become a nurse is temporally on hold. Plan B wasn’t exactly what I wanted to fall back into, but it’s all I have.
It was there mainly for security.  I don’t feel secure about anything in regards to my future, and I am almost freaking 25.  I hate that. It shouldn’t have happened…
Have you ever ridden the bus?  It’s almost like being in a city and the bus you were on stops and you’re left on an unknown road due to previous detours. You think the bus would have eventually led you to the correct place, but it stopped and you are the only one that gets off.  You known where you want to be but the way to get there isnt the one you previously Google map(ed).
All you can do is look for another bus that can take you towards the place you’ve been meaning to get to, or somewhere near it.
Life is not like a box full of chocolates,  life is like taking the city bus.

And let me tell you…Taking the bus sucks.