I Failed

Well it happened.

I saw my grade and the whole total grade was a 300 instead of the 230 that I had been basing my current grade on.  I am not sure how that happened, but the thing here is that I have indeed failed.  I did the math and I got a 76%I needed a 77% to pass (or was it a 78?-Its all a blur right now….literally.)  Anyhow,  since I didn’t pass Adult Health (ADH), I will be taking Med-surge clinicals again, I guess they go hand in hand.  In all honestly though I wasn’t doing so well on my written exams (for the clinical/lab portion), but I was doing great on my hands on experience portion…so I guess that is why I will have to retake the clinical portion of it…I am a horrible test taker.

I currently am living at home and I don’t know how I will tell my parents- I hate the idea of disappointing them- I think if someone asks me what my biggest fear is, it would be just that…disappointing my parents.

I am so incredibly sad right now, and yes I was totally crying.  When I saw my grade I wasn’t surprised though, so I guess my subconscious saw this coming- I was hoping for the best.

Right now I have to consult student handbook (where do I get that?) to begin the petition process to, hopefully, petition into Summer 14 ADH.
HOPEFULLY I can start this summer (and get more in debt) and pass AND more importantly jump back into my place for Spring 2014 with my wonderful VA Cohort family.

Send me good vibes guys, I am in some serious need of those =(