Needless to say that I’ve been feeling very sad.  However, my personality does not permit me to give up.  Plus, my parents were incredibly encouraging.  Today as I was getting out of work and going to my next shift, I had this spur of hope.  I didn’t expect it, and it only grew stronger.  As I was going through my phone pictures & I wish I could show you, but I found a picture of my hand grabbing a “petal” (not sure what to call it) of this type of flower.


I remember I was feeling discouraged my first semester of Nursing school and I saw one of these “petals” dancing in the air.  It just came to me and I held it between my forefinger and thumb and I remember that I felt hopeful, and I took a picture of it because it brightened up my day.

So I started to think and I came to the conclusion that I will be a nurse.  It’s just going to take a little longer than originally planned, but that is okay.  Because I am young and I believe in my self.  My friends and parents believe in me and I will succeed and travel the world as I help those around me.

On a side note:

Have you ever seen the movie Beauty and the Beast? What am I asking…of course you have! where there is this scene where Belle is singing and this Fluffy flower, besides hope, reminds me of this scene


I will become a Nurse guys, I promise!


A Glitter of Hope