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The Moment of Truth

I don’t believe I have ever studied so much for a final exam.

Today I finished my Pharmacology class.  The test was 70 question, 70 points and I only needed to make at least 50 of those points to pass the class.  I am not going to lie, I’m feeling a little numb.  I took the exam did the best I could, and I am not sure if I passed with at least a 70% which is nerve racking.   I am deadly afraid to go look at my score (if its even posted).

I studied all weekend and I also skipped my sleep last night because I was not feeling prepared.  The lack of sleep is probably what made my mind fuzzy.  Not sleeping was a stupid move, I know- my body is just not what is used to be.  I used to be able to sleep 2 hours and feel amazing (not even kidding) as I woke up.

Oh well, I guess now all I can do is trust that I answered most of the questions right and study for my next final exam which is this coming Monday.

The way I see it

You Know That Feeling?

Nursing school will be the end of me.

This week has been intense.  I’ve had  3 tests (one more tomorrow) and multiple assignments due.  They keep coming at me.  I’m done with a test, I sigh in relief then start my 6 page paper, finish, then I start studying for my labs…and the never ending cycle continues.  I don’t even know why I am writing this blog entry- I should be studying.

Although…let me tell ya, I feel like I am walking on air right now, it’s amazing.  I have days when I feel like I am dreaming and today is that day.  Everything is surreal.  Unfortunately these sweet unreal days usually come at terrible times.  I have this crazy test tomorrow and I’m not even stressing about it.  I feel at ease and I haven’t even begun studying.  I need to pass this test or Ill probably fail out of this class because I have been doing average, but here I am “Chillin like a villain.”  I am not worried at all.

Well you all have a lovely rest of your day,
Ill probably be crying my eyes out tomorrow when I fail- But do I care right now…I.DO.NOT.

The way I see it

What you need to know about Arizona State University (ASU)

First of all Congratulations on being accepted, because believe it or not there are those that are denied.

The very first thing you need to know is that there is FREE (Included in your tuition) transportation to every campus (POLY, TEMPE, DPC, WEST). That transportation is called the Intercampus shuttle. These buses pass every half an hour. If you need more information regarding the shuttle schedule and where their stops are I would go to the Parking and Transit Office and kindly ask for a schedule (They should have one).

More information on the following website

They also sell a U-Pass which is a pass for public transportation. The public transportation includes the Lightrail. I would highly recommend getting this if you do not have a car and plan on making trips outside campus. Paying for this U-pass is considerably cheaper in the long run if you use it enough. Local transportation (1-way) is 2.00 now…so do the math.

I understand that being a college student means that you are most likely broke. There is ALWAYS something going on at ASU and believe me there will be FREE food. Go meet people and have fun- that is part of having the college experience.

Now, regarding food, Make sure you pay attention to the plan you have. Sometimes a student will have the 7 meals a week plan and they think that they can accumulate these meals…NEWSFLASH- you cant. Hence the “7 meals a week”. You can accumulate them for the week and maybe eat 3 times a day for 2 days, but starting the next week, your meal balance will once again be 7 meals. Also, check to see if you have guest passes, Sometimes the student will have guest passes and not know it. Ask the lady sliding your card at the register for more information if you do not know what you have.

Also, there is Tutoring Services that you can use. They are free (again, probably paid for the service along with tuition) so please take advantage of those services. Along with tutoring, there is also a Writing Center when they will proof read, and give you valuable input.

Now, I am sure you have heard of the famous “Freshmen 15” and ASU has a gym on every campus that is available for students to use. All you need to do is have a suncard (STUDENT ID) and go to the CORRECT GYM that goes along with your campus. The gyms are well equipped.

Get involved, if you do not want to join clubs, then join a sport. There are always competitions and sports game going on, just go to your local (SCHOOL) gym and find out about groups.  They should have a schedule of the games for the month, so you will have plenty of time to organize your time.  

***If you are having trouble finding friends, then join a school club that interest you. TRUST ME, you will meet friends.***

Printing at school is 12¢ a page (black & white)

50¢ for a color page

Scanning is 2¢ per page/side 

.  If you want to print you MUST put a minimum of $20 in your suncard *NO EXCEPTION*

Do not go to the suncard office nor to the library asking them to put money in you card because they literally cant.  (Believe me, I know)

If you do not want or have a suncard then you can print as a guest,

At Tempe they do accept cash (PrintU in the basement at the MU). 

At DPC (Downtown Phoenix Campus) cash is NOT accepted, you will have to go online and put $20 in your suncard so you can print.  

UNLESS you are a Cronkite Journalism student, then you can print classroom related materials for FREE.  (I wasn’t a Cronkite student…hint hint)


Please if there is anything else you have questions about let me know and I will do my best to answer it.  

* I will keep posting more information when I think of more things I wish I knew my first year*

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Waiting, it Can’t Wait

I’m not trying to boast, but I am a calmed individual.  Therefore, you can conclude that it takes an extreme situation for me to loose control.  

It was a Friday night on the year 2006.  I was in marching band and we had just finished our show (which was presented during half time during football events).  We were all doing our routine huddle, when all of the sudden a girl collapses and starts having some sort of seizure.  Everyone in the band froze…literally.  We were no help at all.  This poor girl was just gasping and shaking…it was a frightful scene.  This “freeze” episode lasted about 3 seconds, then all hell broke loose.  People started screaming, running in circles, my band director ran to get help.  

I stood in front of her and I stared at her (I know what you’re thinking…”and you want to be a nurse?”)  I was pretty calmed, I wanted to put a spoon in her mouth so she wouldn’t bite her tongue off  (I saw it in a movie).

I remember this in slow motion, people were crying around me and there I was living everything in slow motion.  

I told you this story just to demonstrate that I do not loose control.  

If you read my past post, I am experiencing difficulties getting readmitted into ASU even though I have been accepted into their nursing program (which is highly competitive).  This whole experience has gotten me feeling out of control.  Ill be driving in my car and I will suddenly feel very stressed out and burst into tears.  I will be happy staring at the sky, then I think of its beauty and I get a little sad and I remember my dilemma and I get all emotional.  



(This guy in the picture is waiting for the world to turn, all he can to do is wait and hope that his star appears- if he misses it, theres always the next day)


I hate not being in control of my emotions, I hate crying even if I am by myself and I hate loosing my cool.  

I got to say that I do not think I can wait any longer without completely loosing it in front of people.   

I just hope I get the answer I want by the end of this week…


Sorry, just had to vent. 
Thanks for reading 🙂

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Nursing School Dilemma

Rejection doesn’t hit me hard when I expect it. I’m sure many of you can relate.

March 2013, I applied to Nursing school

Mid May 2013, I was flat out rejected- but I expected it because my TEAS score was below expected average.  I was a little sad, but I got over it rather quickly.

June 6, 2013- and opportunity arose due to my school being elected to implement a special partnership program with the Veterans Administration Health Care System that would allow them to increase enrollment by 20 students in the Traditional Prelicensure BSN program for fall 2013.

I was asked if I wanted to be considered for this opportunity.  Naturally, I said yes and I applied.  However, I did not believe I would get in- I simply applied “just cuz.”

Consequently I was very surprised to read my acceptance letter on July 1.
Yes, I was very very happy- In fact I was so happy that I could not believe it.  I just kept thinking it was too good to be true and I would receive an email saying “Oh sorry, that wasn’t meant for you.” I made my sister read it just to make sure I was not mistaken.  I screamed, I almost cried and I smiled for days.

A previous post spoke about graduation & so I had to apply for readmission.  I completed everything that needed to be done in order to secure a spot for the Nursing program.

Yesterday to my grand surprise I found that my application was processed as Fall 2014, and not 2013.  I called the admissions office and they said that I could only email and wait for a response.

I sent out an email yesterday at 4:30 pm that asked to decline my application for fall 2014 so that I may reapply for fall 2013.   I have waited exactly 12 hours already and I am wearing thin to the core.

Note: (I will be calling them shortly after I finish this post).

The reason I have no patience is because the lady in the phone told me my chances of being “readmitted” would be slim…which is ridiculous since I have been accepted into their nursing program right?! Anyhow,  I freaked out of course almost down to tears.

Now, after 3 movies, I am feeling much better.  I am still a little upset with my mix up but I have decided to not super stress about it because whats going to happen will happen.

If my university ( which I love) refuses to readmit me, yes- I will cry, but like one of my best friends told me…I’m going to be a Nurse one way or another.”

I am mostly angry with myself because I thought this last minute VA thing was sort of like a miracle because I was able to get a spot, and now I possibly ruined this chance by being careless.

Anyhow, I still think I have a shot of getting in…even if the chances of being readmitted this late in the year are slim.

Wish me luck guys =)

The way I see it

Class of 2013

In exactly 10 days(Not counting finals week) my four year journey will be over.  I will be graduating from Arizona State and stepping into the “real world.”

Everyone congratulates me when they hear I will be done this year, and they are just so exited…in fact, everyone is- Except me…well no, I am exited-but not really….Only those graduating with me understand this complicated thought in my head.

Truth is I am terrified.  I am scared because for as long as I can remember I always knew what I would be doing through out the year- School & Work.  As I approach this future everyone keeps mentioning (& I realize ) that I have to go out and find a real job.  I refuse to work at Coldstone, Burger King, cashier at Walmart or any other fast food restaurant with a Bachelors degree.  I want something relevant to my field.  Many people tell me that they got a degree in lets say Nutrition, and now they are out there selling houses (terrible example, but it is the best I can come up with).

I am afraid of never living up to my dreams- Even my subconscious is freaked out.   I was sleeping the other night and I woke up, looked up see my grandma staring back at me. I wasn’t scared or anything…. until I found out that my grandma was my reflection.  I don’t want to grow old in my parents house….that means that I never moved out.