Hanging on

Its like Pharmacology all over again.  

I am ranging on a 79% on my Adult Health class.  I am feeling that anxiety that comes with the tightness of the chest and I feel like I have an apple stuck inside my throat.  I keep swallowing trying to get rid of it but its not moving.  I randomly burst into tears and then I clean myself up.  I am so weird.  

People reading this probably think I am a psycho…..

I though I passed my exam from yesterday, but I was wrong. I got a 66% on it.  I was so sure I passed it =( I was hoping to get a good grade on this so I wouldn’t have to stress as much for the final as I am now.  

I have a picture of my parents by my desk and I am so afraid of disappointing them.  

Bad grades are the only thing in the world that can make me moody and get me to take it out on people…nerd status- I know. 

Well, that was the update.  I am a mess- BUT I will study my brains out.