A Bus Rider: The Airport Lady

I was walking by the bus stop when I first saw her.  She was standing next to a line of neatly aligned suitcases of all sorts of shapes and colors.  She smiled as I walked by her.  Her smile was inviting enough & I asked her what she was doing with so many suitcases.  She kept smiling and said that she was going to go to the airport and see her son.  She was headed the right direction & I didn’t really question her….although…

There is no way she brought all of those suitcases on her own, there must have been at least 7 of those things by her…unless they were empty.  I smiled and I said “oh how nice.”  I didn’t really know what else to say- I told her to have a safe trip.

She kept on smiling and nodded her head.

The following day I saw her again….this time it was at a different bus stop- that bus was NOT going towards the airport.

…I wonder………..