Adult Health

This is old news, but…I did it.

I passed Adult Health.

One of my previous professors texted me and congratulated me for passing even before grades were posted.

I passed all four exams, so I knew I’d pass the final. However, after failing more than once, you tend to loose confidence in yourself, so I was always afraid.  Now, I am anxiously waiting for next semester and looking for scholarships while saving up.



The way I see it

Nursing Committe Meeting

Hello Readers,

Today is the foreseen, unwanted/expected meeting that I don’t want to but have to attend.  That sentence should give you a hint as to how I am feeling.  I am nervous, anxious, but determined.  This meeting will determine if I am to return to Nursing School & have the opportunity to retake this Adult Health class.

Yeah, things are intense.  I will present myself and talk a little about my situation.  I believe in myself and I have to make the committee believe in myself as well.

Failure only comes to those that give up- and I don’t give up

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The way I see it

2014, You Have Been The Worst!!!!!!!!!

2014 has definitely been one of the worst years of my life.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the class I’ve failed.  I studied so much & I should have passed- but I can’t really stay stuck in the past otherwise I’ll become crazy.

My first failure I blamed it on my job & I still hold on to that.  Some people can work and pass with flying colors, but I just cant.

This summer I worked my butt off to pay for school, I saved up a good amount of money.  I planned a trip to Cali and  I still had money left over for school.
However, life comes at you and unfortunately, we lost an uncle to a Heart attack and my dad had to go to Mexico.  Now, my family is not rich- we live comfortably  and we manage our spending to avoid falling behind in our bills.  I always have extra money because my parents are awesome and they don’t charge me to live with them (although I do always help with little bills).  Anyhow, I had to give a good amount of my savings to help out my family with this terrible loss (which I do not regret doing).

I ended up having less money for school, but I knew I would be okay.  To make things short, my dad has a chronic condition and besides that he got Shingles and soon after he was injured at his work and he was in a great amount of pain which consequently led to surgery.

I was worried of course, I love my dad & seeing him like this definitely got me stressed.  To make matters worse my mom started to feel ill. To be honest I was feeling overwhelmed.

I’m being very short and simple with what my family has gone through (and we are still going through it) but I believe that even though I was studying my brain off, that stress really got to me.  I don’t think I was 100%.  I just never have failed something twice & to me it’s unfathomable.

In fact after I failed, I went into this sort of weird phase where everything is surreal.  I couldn’t believe it was happening to me and I was extremely worried about my parents.  In the near future (as an NP) I want to have my own clinic and I will be taking care of my parents.  They are not the healthiest of people and I know that they will need me.  My failures/set backs cause me to worry myself up to the point where I just cant handle it.

I had my family issues which eventually led to other problems and then I failed and I was upset.

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I am doing much better.  I don’t randomly burst into tears and I’m just going to roll with it.

Wish me luck guys, I need to get my petition granted.

Adult Health will not be the end of me- I refuse to believe that.


Test Day

I finished taking the exam.  This time I took it slowly.  I did not rush.  I double checked some answers and made sure my scan-tron had all the bubbles correctly filled in.  I studied for almost 2 weeks & when I turned in my exam I was not confident.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? I figured after 2 weeks I would have some sort of idea, but like I mentioned in the past.  I have no self confidence when it comes to grades… Not since I started Nursing school.

I haven’t cried; but I’ve freaked out about 20+ times thinking about it.  I am so just dissatisfied.  I am SO close…& the thought of failing is just seriously heartbreaking.  I’m afraid guys- I am very afraid.

Naturally, I had to come vent off in this blog.

Keep your fingers crossed for me…because I do not know if I got the 85% or if I completely failed it.  If I failed it I keep hoping the machine that grades our bubble sheet malfunctions on mine and gives me a grade of 100%.

Yeah, I’m asking for too much, but then again, I could have gotten an 85% or more & I’m freaking out over nothing…..*insert laughter here*

Wouldn’t that be great??

Future, please just let me pass.  I’m begging you!

Until the next post =)


Adult Health You Will NOT be the End of ME

Quick Update:

I thought stress made me fat, but it isn’t- In fact I’m loosing weight and feeling sick daily.

Now, regarding my Adult Health class I am not doing so well.  Last semester I started great and I was left hanging from a cliff.  Now, I’m hanging by a cliff and I have to get myself up.  I have been studying for 2 weeks now.  I ABSOLUTELY cannot fail. I just can’t.  Do you see where my stress is coming from?

Wish me luck guys and cross your fingers for me.


Its ED not ER

My experience as a student nurse has been bittersweet; although more sweet than bitter ( and I can thank the Doctors, JK…or am I???).  In all seriousness, the nurses that have taken me under their wing have been absolutely patient and wonderful.  I’ve had a total of 6 RNs and I can honestly say that I LOVE them all.  If you are considering an internship definitely keep St. Josephs in mind.  They are absolutely wonderful with their students…its definitely a great learning environment.

For those of you who have been keeping up, I know what you’re thinking “Wow, she was just in love with the VA yesterday” & I can say that I still am.  The VA gave me a wonderful experience as well.

Anyhow, down to business.  I had my first Adult Health test today.  My confidence in taking exams & believing I passed is almost next to none.  However, I felt pretty good about it in general.    It was 70 questions & I can miss 15 and still pass with a low C.  I did study my butt off and I believe I missed less than 15….

Okay,  I believe that does it for this post.

I am keeping sane while slowly gaining weight.


Waiting for Grades

If you read my previous post you are aware of the situation I am in.  I took my final for Adult Health and I want to say that I feel good about it, but not good enough to know if I passed.  Its definitely another episode of Pharmacology ( I just hope it has the same ending).  I studied all weekend and I studied till 5 this morning ( probably shouldn’t have done that…).

Naturally, after a big final our class went down for lunch (around 10 am) and we had a good time. I have to admit that what I am feeling is strange.  Last year when I went through the same scenario (some people just done learn) I was having trouble breathing.  Now, I have a pain on my chest and I feel an odd sense of stiff relaxation.  I have to consciously breath too- apparently I forget to breath because I find myself taking taking deep breathes.

One my close friends invited me to go out for a couple of drinks and at the time I wanted to go out and have a bit of stress free fun, but I am now feeling exhausted and I have another assignment to do.

I think I will go out for a run to just calm myself down & hope for the best-
Because at this point that is all I can do.