The way I see it

Survival Mode

Quick update-

I did not pass my Pharmacology exam.  Consequently, I reduced my hours at work.  I am feeling much better about that decision.  I love my job, but I can’t let that ruin my future dreams of becoming a Nurse.  I was getting exhausted with the little sleep I was getting.

My sleep ranged from 4-2 hours a day because I was working and I started to fall behind on my studying due to assignments….. Nursing school was (and still is) starting to come at me all at once- I have to stop and remind myself that I need to calm down.  I start letting my brain think of all the due dates, exams, quizzes, labs, assessments and then I start to think about failing- I start having almost like a panic attack.

I guess I don’t handle stress as great as I thought.

However, this is my first week of “Freedom from Work” I will only work 3 hours on Friday and about 8 hours on a Saturday (Told you I reduced my hours).  I am just glad I did not get fired.  All I need is  money for my car insurance and gas…that is all I need.  If I cannot afford to keep a phone- I can live without one!

Changing the Subject from me being broke-

Today we had math exam (Med doses) and an abbreviation exam.  I got a 100% on that so I feel a little better.  I don’t know how it is in other nursing schools, but here you pass only if you get a 77% and above.  So if I scored an 80 % that is not a B…its still a C- which totally  crushes how you perceive your performance, but hey at least I am passing right?

Now that I am in Nursing school, I will be content with just passing….Never thought I’d say that.