It’s Happening

Well it took exactly 3 weeks but I am finally feeling it.


However, I haven’t cried…when I am about to explode with emotion (or whatever it is inside of me) I simply stop thinking.  It works wonders =)  I already finished 2 assignments.  I have 4 more to go.  I could be finishing up one now, but SimChart (Student Nurse Charting website) is acting up & it wont open up my assignment (of course…how did I not see this coming?).

HOWEVER, I will remain calm.  I will remain sane.  I wont make frustrating noises. I will not smash my computer, and I will take deep breaths (currently doing so while I am writing this up).  I will start my care plan and then I will begin to study for the 2 exams that are coming up…

At least I am not the only one stressing about these issues, you know? I have my entire cohort suffering right along with me (I see their FB posts ), and it may sound a bit mean, but it strangely brings me comfort.  There is nothing like your Nursing group- we definitely stick together.  All joking aside, I do like this group.

Besides Nursing School, I have a Church calling (which I LOVE) but I am seriously falling behind on what I need to do.  I hate that.  This week I will sleep very little & catch up on many things.


Motto of the week

I will sleep very little & catch up on many things.


First Exam

I had my first exam for my Child Bearing Ped class.  It was pretty intense.  I only started school a little over a week, but that’s Nursing school for you.  It was 70 something questions long and I am glad/relieved to say that I passed.  I studied a lot for it, and it was a disappointing score, but nevertheless I did pass and I got to admit it felt overall pretty good.  It can only go up.  I’m starting the semester right.  Its going to be okay,  I have to tell myself that often.

Woo! I Passed =D


Beyond Excited

Well, its finally here.

Tomorrow will be my first day of school as a Senior Nursing Student.  I have waited a long time for this.  It is almost like I am living in a dream.  It’s surreal.  Have you ever found yourself staring at a picture of a close friend and suddenly it’s almost like you don’t recognize them.  It’s strange really.  How can something so familiar become so strange?  Nursing school is so far a never ending road where I can see the end, but I keep walking and I don’t seem to get close….strange.  I feel like I am going to do something wrong tomorrow.  Nursing school has definitely led me towards a path of uncertainty where I have become an anxious person, but I happen to be a great actress so I just pretend to be super confident.  In reality I am scared to death.

I will not let Nursing school beat me.  I will concentrate my all to passing this semester with flying colors.  I have decided to only work twice a week.  Yes, I will seriously be lacking money but its going to be okay.

I have decided that I don’t really need that much money.  This year is my year.  I have already started right (passing Adult health) and I will finish it just how I started.

I can see the end of the road and for the first time I feel like I am actually getting close.

Send me good vibes guys




I have been concerned with making money to pay for college because I thought that was the only thing I should worry about.  Well, come to find out that I had a whole bunch of requirements due.
I was very irresponsible.

There are hospital requirements, which I knew about but I kind of pushed it off and I forgot about their importance.  Those requirements are modules that explained each facilities rules and expectations.  I had PCH, VA & Banner requirements.  They were due this past Friday (7/31) and I found out August 1….because that is the day that I checked my school email.

I am looking at this through a positive light.  I FOUND OUT.

I freaked out and thought the worst, but I finished so now I am doing better.

Of course when I found out I finished it all in 24 hrs.  I had about 4 hrs of sleep to finish on Before Monday.

There are still a couple things to do, but on my OCO account it says complete so I am happy about that, I just need to go get IDs for each facility and Parking permits.

Oh! One more thing, I also have to turn in some paperwork, which I finished but I need one more certificate which I did back in 2013 and so I need additional instructions.  I emailed the lady in charge, but with my luck, she has not responded…..

I emailed her all of the paperwork I already have, and I decided that I am going to mail her the paper work I have along with my old certificate.  Ill leave her a note in the mailed package letting her know that I need the additional instructions.

I don’t deserve it but, wish me luck guys.




Hi guys,

This summer has been NOTHING like I planned.  I am suddenly a president of an organization from church.  I am not getting the experience that I wanted (nursing related).  I have been changing my schedule and I think I finally have a set summer schedule to get organized.  I have been saving a little bit of money for college, so yeah, I will probably have to ask for yet another loan.  Oh well,  I will just work my butt off as soon as a graduate.

Class of 2016!


Open Letter to Members of the Heath Ward regarding the First Presidency Letter

Very insightful 🙂

Life Outside The Book of Mormon Belt

by Laurie Olsen by Laurie Olsen

Dear Members of the Heath Ward, Heath, Texas Stake:

I’m sorry to miss the opportunity to participate in our ward’s slated discussion of the First Presidency letter regarding the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ doctrine on marriage, but I must be absent. Knowing the letter is intended to be used as part of a ward-level, but church-wide, discussion, I’ve been pondering its message and what I might say were I able to be with you. This letter represents a few of my thoughts.

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When it Rains- It Pours

I don’t tend to be a negative person, but sometimes I drown in my own thoughts.  You might or might not know the feeling.  Right now, I’m feeling overwhelmed with my current job and I probably feel that way due the scenario I’m in.

Nursing School sometimes feels like a far away dream.  Sometimes I can’t believe I finally finished my Jr. year.  It’s all very surreal.  Anyhow, I need to figure out away to pay for my bills and still save for school.

Send me good vibes guys-

I need all sorts of positive energy coming my way.