The way I see it

Christmas 2019

How do you celebrate knowing it’ll be your last Christmas with the family? I don’t know, but I was part of that celebration last night.

I hope that when it’s my time to leave earth I will have an idea of when things will be my last time to try them.

Life is funny so I don’t know if I’ll have that privilege- others might consider it a curse or a ticking bomb; living anxiously wondering when it might come, but with that knowledge I think I’ll savor more moments.

I’ll appreciate the now and be more grateful. I don’t know though-I like to think that would be me.

I thought this Christmas might be sad, but on the contrary it was full of laughter and story telling moments. There was smiles and of course delicious food.

I didn’t miss my mom during the celebration- which makes me sad but at the same time I’m ok with it. I miss her everyday and last Christmas there was a moment where I almost broke out in a sob but the hugs I got from my family helped. I was consumed in the moment with my family.

Live and love like it might be your last. Some of us have the luxury or getting a heads up with the possibility of avoiding the could/would/should haves while others are simply gone with no warning and we are left with the last words that were said to them wishing we could create more memories or have said different things.

This Christmas I loved and lived with my favorite people.




Merry Christmas to you ❤


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