The way I see it

Oh my my my

Now I’ve done it.

I’m in.

I found out I was going to start school again in April of 2019.

The accelerated nursing program!

I am beyond excited but I have to admit that although I should have had all of the nursing money- I don’t.

I have NO excuse. I worked for over two years and had saved up quite a bit but my depression took the best of me and I used alot of my school money. I’ve been saving up still but done have all of it. I’m not as stressed about it as I should be.

I could have had a partime job since April but like I said…I didn’t do my best to get that part time job. I wil suffer the consequences.

I spoke to my family and they will help me out. I am thankful for them and embarrased but oh well.

Guys, I am going to focus and have no distractions. My outlet will be church for two hours a week.

I need to find scholarships (I’ve applied to some) but if you know of any please let me know.

I am nervous to stop working since I help out the family but I see this as an investment. I will give back 🙂

I love my family and this time I will succeed because I can’t afford to fail.

I’m excited!!!

I think I might start a youtube channel about my LOOOONG journey.

Wish me luck guys-

Wish me luck


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