The way I see it


I’m currently just sitting in my living room thinking of what I want in my future.  The verb in all of this is sitting and thinking.  I need to change that.  It seems like I’ve said this everyday, but I’m going to get stuff done today!

I wont write again until I have an update on this nursing stuff or something abnormally interesting happens.



The way I see it

It’s May

I’ve been reading old posts.  I went from Class of 2015 to Class of 2016 to Class of Who the Hell knows.  It’s a little funny now, and a little sad.  Tomorrow is my day off from work, and I will go to the AZBN office and ask about that CNA test.  My waiver got denied because I took the courses over 2 years ago.  In the email it said pending ASU transcript, so I am confused as to why it says that since I sent it all at the same time.  Anyhow, I’m going tomorrow and clearing this whole mess up.  I don’t see why they should deny my waiver when I’ve been doing clinical rotations practically every semester.  It’s not like I lost practice.
I shouldn’t be surprised though…everything has been going wrong (Nursing related).

I just have to keep pursuing it because It’s what I want.  I went ahead and ordered the HESI A2 book so I can begin to study.  I will pass that test with flying colors! I’m actually excited to study that book.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but I miss studying.
I need to get the ball rolling on this Nursing school stuff, I feel like I haven’t done much in regards to that aspect, and it’s because of my job.  I work Tuesday to Saturday 0900-1700 & consequently I only have Mondays to do everything.  I also have my other job Thursday-Saturday from 1800-2000, so practically my weekends revolve around ZERO fun.
Most likely I will change my days- perhaps cut a day or two from my second job.

Changing subjects, my case management position is pretty sweet.  I don’t hate my coworkers.  The work can get stressful, but its manageable.  My office buddy, whom I will call Lola is absolutely hilarious.  Shes one of those people that isn’t trying to be funny, but the way she interacts with people is funny.  Shes slightly awkward and the best part is that she doesn’t talk a lot.  She lets me work.

In my next post I will talk more about what I do exactly.  Untill then ….

Stay safe =)