The way I see it

Just Keep Swimming!

It’s ironic since I don’t know how to swim, but I’m going to assume you all have seen Finding Nemo.  Life plans have not been going at all.  It’s almost hilarious- like the world is laughing at me, but I’m going with it.  It’s what you have to do to remain sane people….just ROLL with it.  Trust me- you get used to it.

In a previous post I mentioned that I got a job and I really do like it.  I share an office with an older lady.  She talks A LOT.  I like her, but just the way she goes on and on- I hope I don’t loose my sanity.  While working here, I have found myself mildly obsessed with some guy.  I’ll talk about him later- hes a very nice distractor from everything.

I went to go talk to a lady from NAU/Community College.  I am still going to be a nurse, but I need to know how that is going to happen.  She gave me GREAT advise…which was  a reality check.   I know I’m in a deep hole but she was just so blunt/nice about it and she just wanted to help me out.  ASU already denied my petition and my ASU adviser (shes great too) pretty much told me that ASU was a no go.  The NAU lady, instead of suckering me into coming to her school (which they would but it would take me longer) she told me to “beg, cry and steal” to get back into ASU.  I am so much closer if I go back than any of my other options.   Right now my transcripts are being reviewed and I could potentially be placed in third block-but I could still need 10  more classes & that is IF I get into block 3.  I was going to petition back into ASU anyhow, but it was more of a “bleh” effort.  After listening to her, I’m going to petition and I am going to really sell my story.  I did have a lot of obstacles in my previous failures and I’m just going to really push that.  If it weren’t for those issues, community potentially could have been my only failure.  If ASU still says no then Ill have no choice but to go to plan B. I just have to truly try- and in the end it’ll be okay =)

In regards to my CNA plans, looks like they are put on hold *world laughing*  I got an email last Wednesday saying that the AZBN denied my waiver because it had to be done within 2 years.  I knew about the two years, and I thought that the clinical rotations I’ve been doing since then would count.  I am hoping that it is mistake and they will see all of the rotations  I’ve been doing.

Needless to say I cried and what not….I got crushed all over again.

Things just didn’t work out for me and you now what- That is life.  I must never compare myself to the rest though because that is when I start to feel very incompetent.  We are all different and I am not going to measure myself up to no one except me.  I don’t blame anyone for what is happening except for myself, and you now what- I am learning from every single thing that happens to me.

I’ll keep you all posted


The way I see it

What do you seek in life?

This is old.  I believe this draft has been sitting here since January of 2014.  I read it and I don’t know why I never posted it.
I always say “Life revolves around money.” I think most of us can relate to that, decisions are influenced by the amount of money we have or don’t have.  However,  I forget that sometimes I want that extra money to be happy.  We ALL want to be happy…every single one of us.  We all have different ways on getting this happiness.

Yesterday I was at a behavioral health court (as part of an audience).  Some people were fighting the petition for mandated treatment and some were demanding their right to get such treatment.  The first case I  heard was a women who wanted the treatment mandated by the court so her husband could get better (he didn’t want it).  I’m not going to share every detail, but the man couldn’t work due to his issues.  She didn’t care- she wanted him healthy and there with her.

Maybe she just wants the money that comes along with treatment- that is exactly what I was thinking.  Then she surprised me…

“I don’t care about the money…I met him in the bus” and then she semi laughed.

I don’t know why that phrase hit me the way it did.  I could tell she was was being honest though. I just thought “wow” she doesn’t care about the money- she just wants him to be happy.   I was reminded that money isn’t the solution to everything,  I believe my friends with chronic conditions can attest to that.

As I read over this old post I can tell you that money does make one feel better, but it doesn’t bring you true happiness.

You guys know this.


The way I see it

I’ve Been Doing Some Thinking

So things have been okay.  As you all know I am not in school right now. Once I found out that Nursing School was a no go this semester I started the process to take the CNA exam.  I also started to get certified as a substitute teacher (just to have that under my belt) & I started applying to random/related jobs.  Of course since my ultimate dream is to become a nurse I really wanted to work in a long term care facility or just anything health related.  After 4 weeks of failure (job search related) I decided to apply as a case manager & I surprisingly got it.

I am currently still waiting for the AZBN to approve my waiver ( so I don’t have to take the CNA course to take the test, since I’m practically almost done with my BSN).  It is taking very long.  Once I am approved to take the test & pass I will be applying to hospitals jobs!  Also,  I am applying the nursing school at a community college incase ASU says no again.  The only set back is that it wont be a BSN.  I will have to go back to school to get that, but I’m not too worried about it.

The two jobs are the focus of my life right now, but I remind myself that it will be worth it.  I will save money and hopefully get back in school this coming semester!

Life is only as bad as you perceive it to be.