One More Week

Oh gosh,

I messed up todays test.  I really messed up.  I have been doing so well, like incredibly well compared to other semesters.  I practically need to get a 100% on my final, that is how bad I messed up.  Well, that is my goal at least, I will aim for a 100% so if I get something lower I will still pass the class.  I just screwed up and I have that gut drop feeling.  I am on the verge of tears.  I haven’t cried, but I’m sure I will when I tell my parents.  I’m so disappointed in my score today and my parents will be disappointed too.  I am sad, but I will stay optimistic.  I will get a 100% on my Final =)

I’ve made arrangements, I canceled my Wednesday and Thursday meetings.  I will study and do the best I can because when its over I want to be able to say that I gave it my all.

I wont give up.

Ill update you all on December 8th.



The way I see it

2 More Weeks

Things have been okay.  I’ve been a little stressed.  Things are piling up and I am starting to feel like I almost cant handle it.  However, I am staying on top of things…I think.  I have a community paper due and all of that APA really makes my life harder.  I am pretty much paraphrasing my paper and I am scared to get a zero for plagiarism.  I mean, should I do an in-text citation after every sentence….? Probably not, but its just nerve wrecking.  I will talk about it with the instructor too just make sure all is well.  I have a PEDS exam this Wednesday and then the final next Wednesday.  I have an Community Exam this coming Monday & the Final a week from that Monday.  I have a Project due on the following Wednesday too.  It doesn’t seem like much, but believe me- its all tedious work.  I am excited though, just a few more weeks till I get my Winter break.
I am ready for a break.


Happy Holidays