It’s Happening

Well it took exactly 3 weeks but I am finally feeling it.


However, I haven’t cried…when I am about to explode with emotion (or whatever it is inside of me) I simply stop thinking.  It works wonders =)  I already finished 2 assignments.  I have 4 more to go.  I could be finishing up one now, but SimChart (Student Nurse Charting website) is acting up & it wont open up my assignment (of course…how did I not see this coming?).

HOWEVER, I will remain calm.  I will remain sane.  I wont make frustrating noises. I will not smash my computer, and I will take deep breaths (currently doing so while I am writing this up).  I will start my care plan and then I will begin to study for the 2 exams that are coming up…

At least I am not the only one stressing about these issues, you know? I have my entire cohort suffering right along with me (I see their FB posts ), and it may sound a bit mean, but it strangely brings me comfort.  There is nothing like your Nursing group- we definitely stick together.  All joking aside, I do like this group.

Besides Nursing School, I have a Church calling (which I LOVE) but I am seriously falling behind on what I need to do.  I hate that.  This week I will sleep very little & catch up on many things.


Motto of the week

I will sleep very little & catch up on many things.


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