Hi guys,

This summer has been NOTHING like I planned.  I am suddenly a president of an organization from church.  I am not getting the experience that I wanted (nursing related).  I have been changing my schedule and I think I finally have a set summer schedule to get organized.  I have been saving a little bit of money for college, so yeah, I will probably have to ask for yet another loan.  Oh well,  I will just work my butt off as soon as a graduate.

Class of 2016!


Open Letter to Members of the Heath Ward regarding the First Presidency Letter

Very insightful 🙂

Life Outside The Book of Mormon Belt

by Laurie Olsen by Laurie Olsen

Dear Members of the Heath Ward, Heath, Texas Stake:

I’m sorry to miss the opportunity to participate in our ward’s slated discussion of the First Presidency letter regarding the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ doctrine on marriage, but I must be absent. Knowing the letter is intended to be used as part of a ward-level, but church-wide, discussion, I’ve been pondering its message and what I might say were I able to be with you. This letter represents a few of my thoughts.

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