The way I see it

Tueday Afternoon

Something interesting happened to me this past week.

I was driving up to work when a girl approached me.  She was in her early 20s and she looked scared to death.  In a shaky  whisper she asked me if I could help her.

I said “sure”.  She then asked me if I spoke Spanish, to which I responded that I did.
She told me that someone was following her and she wanted to pretty much just follow me around.  I told her that she could hang out with me as long as she wanted.

I asked her a couple of questions.  Turns out her ex-boyfriend was following her, had taken her bag-pack and was by her car.

Of course, I was upset.  I was angry that someone was intimidating this poor girl.  She looked terrified, she was on the verge of tears and she just looked so helpless.  I asked her if he was aggressive, to which she responded that he was.  She then added that he wouldn’t hurt me.  I don’t know why but I was feeling pretty confident so I asked her the kind of car she drove and I went to go get the bag from him.  I don’t know why I asked her about the car, she said Volvo and I had no idea how that looked like; she also said white and there was 3 white cars with no man in sight.  I was lost…up to this point neither he or I had seen each other, so I was just looking for a guy with a bag,   then a man drove up to the middle of the parking lot, got out and told her to come get her bag.  She just stared at him, and he told her that he would wait for her and that he would be coming back. I then went up to him and I told him to give me the bag-pack.  He hadn’t seen me standing there and he looked surprised.  He gave it to me without a problem.  I felt like a boss.

After I had given her the bag, I told her to report it.  She refused.  I have watched enough Forensic Files to say that this guy could one day kill her.  I may or may not have exaggerated, but I went over to report it without her (school security).

They let me watch the video surveillance and it gave me the chills.  The man literally stood by her car for about an hour and as she approached my car he pulled her back and then she ran towards me.

As she was asking me for help he stood a car away from us, listening…..creepy.  Anyhow, there goes the story of the day.

Moral of the story: Know your models when it comes to cars – it can save time. Oh, and always keep your eyes open, you never know who might need your help.


While I wait

I am waiting for my classmate to finish her homework.  We have to record a dialogue and turn it in by Sunday.  I want to do it now.


I checked my email.

My petition was approved, I have been readmitted to Nursing School at ASU.  I will start my Senior year this Fall 2015 and graduate May 2016.  I can’t say that I am not disappointed because I won’t graduate in 2015 like I had originally planned, but I am overall content.

Life goes on, and I’m moving along with it =)