The way I see it

First Day

The first day was August 22, 2014.  I attended St. Joe & I got to admit that when I saw my JR. 1 classmates Sarah and Hanna I was happy.  We were all once in the VA cohort, now we were in the D14 cohort (I think).  Anyhow, my classmates are all nice.  I like them, but they are not my VA cohort.  I am really excited to start this new adventure though.  It’s interesting to see how other hospitals work.  So far its similar to the VA; however, the patients are the ones that differ the most.  I found in the VA that most patients had a certain quality, I can’t pin point it, but its something that distinguishes them as Veterans (duh).  It could just be all in my head…Anyhow St. Joe has windows everywhere and the colors make everything so much more lively.

I still love the VA hospital and I know I always will.  Now, I just find myself in another situation and I don’t mind, I am getting more experience and I know that I will learn so much. In this hospital I will find myself in Neuro/Cardia Tele floors, ED and OR, while at the VA I mainly experienced the Med Surge department ( I practiced my skills a lot) and I had one rotation in the OR.

Alright guys, 2015 is my year, and I will graduate- maybe not in time, but nevertheless, I will graduate =D