The way I see it

Goals for the Semester

Winter break is officially over.  School will start again tomorrow…

Believe it or not I’m actually excited. Remember my awesome classmates, yea I missed them! We will be getting three new people in our VA cohort.  David we all know him because he took NUR 310 with us (he failed it, and he was taking again with us…also he gave us great tips to pass).  The other two are unknown, I just hope they fit in well with us, because we all get along so well its amazing.  I love them.

Besides being excited to see my friends, I will be one semester closer towards graduation; therefore, one semester closer towards my dreams of traveling all over the world.  I heard this semester is the hardest yet.  I cannot wait to pass and get my 3 months off!  I learned from my past mistakes and I will improved and be possibly the best student.

Yea! I’m excited, this semester is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

The way I see it

Their Story: Escaper & Suicider

In the sixth grade (possibly the 7th-I’d have to back to my diary to make sure) my best friend Laura gave me two turtles….to be honest she sold them to me- ten bucks a turtle.  Anyhow, I convinced my parents to give me twenty dollars and I consequently acquired two turtles.  I was very happy, the turtles were approximately two times larger than a quarter.

Warning:  I am a tree lover, animal hugger, sea world show hater and awesome

* Hence this Story*

Before I go on with this story let me begin to inform you all that I got a brand new turtle *Saw* (he/she looks about 2-3 years old, but I’m no expert).  I put this baby turtle with my other turtles (Escaper and Suicider)…my mistake.  

Anyhow, about a week before this past Christmas I noticed Suicider was motionless in a corner and for a fraction of a second my heart stopped.  I feared the worst so I quickly tapped on the tank and sighed in relief when he moved.  I picked him up because unlike his other companions he was not happy to see me.  When I saw his little face I’m not going to lie…I broke out crying.

His eye lids were swollen and the left eye had some little sore on the side.  I thought he was going to die, and I picked up my other turtle and I noticed his eyelids were a bit swollen as well.  Anyhow, I woke up everyone in my house and next thing I know my sister is communicating me with an animal hospital from Glendale (Palm Glen Animal Hospital) and I got an appointment that same day.

The Doctor that looked at my turtles was really nice.  He said that he was 90% sure that my turtles had a skin condition.  I hadn’t noticed, but both of my turtles were a bit red.  He asked if I had put something in the tank with them recently, and sure enough I told him about Saw.  Anyhow,  we’re both sure that Saw got Escaper and Suicider sick.

He prescribed my turtles Baytril injectable 2.27% (every 48 hrs), and some eye drops- He showed me were I should inject my turtles, said something else and he left.

Now, even though I am a nursing student I was a bit freaked out about the idea of injecting my turtles.  They can’t speak, and I am not familiar with their anatomy…I don’t want to hurt them!!!

So when the animal nurse came I told her she should do the first one so I could watch (to which she smiled and said that I had to do it at home -_-).  That is the only thing I did not like about the hospital staff, they only showed me the locations of where I should inject my turtles, but I wasn’t told if I should clean the site with alcohol (like with humans) or aspirate to make sure I didn’t hit a vessel.

I did inject my turtles, and to be honest I am not sure I did it 100% correct, but they are physically fine (although still red-ish), the eyelids are less swollen.  I also got a new tank for them and I separated my little one from the sick ones.

I am thinking about getting rid of it, but I am still waiting to see what happens.

The doctor said I should see a difference in five days, and I believe I have, but I can’t really be sure.  I’m going to start taking pictures to see the progress.

I just really hope my turtles turn out okay because I love them and if they do not I will have to take them back and get some blood work doneMy Babies

Call me corny but it’s the truth.