The way I see it

This is Why I’m Single

Not too long ago in a land called Las Vegas, I “very Hollywood like” bumped into a guy.

It was very much like that scene that you see in a movie, and you automatically think it never happens in real life.  Well, I am here to tell you that I am a believer because it happened to me- just once- but it happened.

I’ll continue.  So we bumped into each other because I was walking to fast towards an open elevator and I didn’t think there was anyone inside.  I was mistaken- after the bump I mumbled an apology and then just as the doors were about to close, he stepped in and introduced himself and he stopped the elevator doors from closing.

I just gave him a neutral look as usual when any man approaches me and I said “hello, my name is Alexis”.

Now, let me just let you know that my name is not Alexis.  It is just a name I like to use because it is pretty.  I find myself using it whenever I can (mostly when I am alone so no one gives away my real identity…as if it really mattered) and yes it’s a bad habit.

Anyhow, he was a big (Brawny), and he was a beautiful light brown skin color with green eyes.  He also had long curly hair.  To make things short…he was hot.

He asked me where I was from, and I said Florida (which I am not- I guess I am an  un- diagnosed Pathological liar with strangers).  He thought that was cool and that that explained my tan….

While he was talking to me I was thinking of how cute he was and how I wanted to talk to him- Then believe it or not he asked for my number.

I know what you are thinking…but no…

The conversation went something like this

Guy: so may I have your number?

Me: I dont have my cellphone with me…sorry

Guy: So you dont know your number?

Me:…..I really dont….

Then it got a little odd, but I sounded pretty convincing.  He wanted to give me his number- at this point the elevator was making that BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP sound because it was shutting the doors by force, and I realized that I was saved and I left him there.

Right after the doors closed, I hear my internal voice screaming “Noooooooooooooooooo”

I am an optimist at heart (sort of) and I did learn a lesson from this…

Anyhow, I am not looking for any sort of relationship because I will start Nursing school soon, and my social life will be none existent.


Story of my life so far- It’ll change in 2 years =)


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