The way I see it

Back for a Masters? Nope, just another Bachelors

I got accepted into a Nursing school on July 1, 2013.

Yes, yes I was very excited….and I still am.  I bought my scrubs today- I’m going to look great.  However, I will say- it is going to be Hell-Ah expensive.

Books alone almost 1000 dollars, and that price is for e-books.  I have to go out and find  health insurance, because I have been playing superman for two years and I finally found kryptonite…that analogy did not make sense.

Anyhow,  I have to go get drug tested, which I am oddly excited about doing.

Then, I have to go out and take a loan of out of a bank or somewhere.
Even so I am excited to start Nursing school.  Its going to cost me a pretty penny, but it’ll be worth it….


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