The way I see it

New Year Thoughts

I’m 8 days late- Happy New Year!

I am very excited for this year.  What I accomplish this year will define my future and I cant wait.  What ever it is I will take it.  

I have been thinking a lot about goals and I have decided that I will graduate this May, I will apply for Nursing School, travel anywhere out of my home state, and become a better person.  

I also sort of want to improve my sense of humor.  I don’t know how to change that though,  maybe I should learn to control my laughter and not laugh at inappropriate times.  For example, there was a guy in my church who shared with everyone that he was not thinking straight due to a concussion and I busted out laughing.  I was rather embarrassed when no one else thought it was funny.  I never meant to make fun of him, but I just pictured him hitting his head and for some reason that made me laugh.  

Well, those were my simple thoughts/goals….

p.s. I was never good with transitional sentences when moving on to the next paragraph